The purpose of this project is to make universally available information about music copyright infringement cases from the mid-nineteenth century forward.  There is a thumbnail description of each area of the project's resources on the Purpose page.
Recent Developments

We have recently added documentation for a number of music copyright infringement cases tried in Taiwan and China over the past decade.  These cases include Wang v. Chen (2012) involving the theme music used in the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing.  Chien-Chih Lu, a doctoral student in law in Taiwan, generously provided these materials. 


Oxford University Press published Unfair to GeniusGary Rosen's excellent book on Ira Arnstein, the patron saint -- or bane rather, to his many defendants -- of music copyright litigation.  Information on the book and Rosen, an intellectual property attorney in Philadelphia, now at work on a biography of Nathan Burkan, is at FORUM




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