FORUM will offer an ongoing series of short features by various authors on topics related to music and copyright.

¶ Readers will find much information about Gary Rosen’s just published Unfair to Genius; The Strange and Litigious Career of Ira B. Arnstein on a site dedicated to the book: Unfair to Genius. Readers can contact Rosen at: The book will be reviewed in a blog posting on this site.

¶ Robert J.S. Cason and Daniel Müllensiefen, School of Law and Department of Psychology, respectively, at the University of London recently contributed their collection of primary source materials pertaining to music copyright infringement actions in the UK, Canada, and Australia. This compilation of documents and commentary for Commonwealth cases (UK, Australia, Canada) was funded by a pump priming award for Daniel Müllensiefen awarded by the Psychology Department of Goldsmiths, University of London.

¶ The site’s first blog post is a well-deserved roast of Aram Sinnreich’s Mashed Up, and the regretable results when a writer who is neither a musician nor a lawyer attempts a book-length treatment of a thesis dealing with music and law.

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