Stories about claims of music copyright infringement appear fairly regularly in Variety and other mainstream publications. Few of these disputes go to trial, and fewer still generate published judicial opinions. Since the 1850s federal courts have published over 100 opinions dealing with this issue, but the frequency with which these cases arise has increased markedly over the past twenty years. We will, of course, add new cases to the web site as they surface.  With this modestly proportioned body of information we have organized the cases chronologically by year.





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1844 US Millett v. Snowden C. C. S.D.N.Y. The Cot Beneath the Hill The Cot Beneath the Hill W.J. Wetmore W. J. Wetmore
1845 US Reed v. Carusi C.C. Md. The Old Arm Chair The Old Arm Chair Henry Russell Samuel Carusi
1846 US Ferrett v. Atwill S.D.N.Y. "Alethia Waltz", based on a theme from Michael Balfe's "The Bohemia Girl"   Michael Balfe, arranged by Francis Brown  
1850 US Jollie v. Jacques C.C.S.D.N.Y. Serious Family Polka Serious Family Polka Anonymous Anonymous
1887 US Blume v. Spear C.C.S.D.N.Y. My Own Sweet Darling Call Me Back Again Fannie Beane W.D.Hendrickson
1898 US Broder, et al. v. Zeno Mauvais Music Co. C.C.N.D. Cal. Dora Dean Ma Angeline Bert A. Williams Charles Sidney O'Brien
1907 US White-Smith Music v. Apollo Company Supreme Court Kentucky Babe Little Cotton Dolly Adam Geibel Adam Geibel
1914 US Cooper v. James N.D. Ga. Never Turn Back Never Turn Back W.M.Cooper Joseph James
1915 US Boosey v. Empire Music S.D.N.Y. I Hear You Calling Me Tennessee, I Hear You Calling Me Charles Marshall Jeff Godfrey
1916 US Haas v. Leo Feist S.D.N.Y. You Will Never Know ... I Didn't Raise My Boy to be a Soldier William Cahalin Al Piantadosi
1917 US Hart v. Graham N.D. Ill. Livery Stable Blues   Alcide Nunez, Ray Lopez  
1923 UK Austin v. Columbia Gramophone Co. Ch D Themes from opera "Polly" Themes from opera "Polly" John Gay John Gay
1923 US Hein v. Harris 2d Cir. Maria Cahill's Arab Love Song I Think I Hear a Woodpecker Silvio Hein Joseph Howard
1923 US Marks v. Leo Feist, Inc. 2d Cir. Wedding Dance Waltzes Swanee River Moon Paul Linke H. Pitman Clarke
1924 US Fred Fisher, Inc. v. Dillingham S.D.N.Y. Dardanella Ka-lu-a Felix Bernard & Johnny Black Jerome Kern
1928 US Italian Book Company v. Rossi S.D.N.Y. Luna Mezzo Mare Mamma Mia M'ha Maritan Paolo Citorello A. A.Galasso
1932 US Gotham Music v. Denton Music Publishing N.Y. Ct. App. St. James' Infirmary St. James' Infirmary or Gambler's Blues Anonymous Anonymous
1933 US Arnstein v. Shilkret S.D.N.Y. Light My Life With Love Lady Divine  Ira Arnstein Nathaniel Shilkret
1935 US Wilkie v. Santly Brothers S.D.N.Y. Confessing Starlight W.A. (Bud) Wilkie Bernice Petkere
1936 US Arnstein v. Edward Marks 2d Cir. I Love You Madly Play, Fiddle, Play Ira Arnstein Emery Deutsch and Arthur Altman
1936 US Norden v. Oliver Ditson D. Mass. O Gladsome Light O Gladsome Light N. Lindsay Norden (arranger) Anonymous arranger
1937 US Hirsch v. Paramount Pictures S.D. Cal. Lady of Love Without a Word of Warning Hortense Hirsch Harry Revel
1939 US Arnstein v. ASCAP S.D.N.Y. Whisper to Me My Wishing Song Ira Arnstein Joe Burke
1940 US Darrell v. Joe Morris Music 2d Cir. Does Anybody Want a Little Kewpie On the Beach at Bali-Bali Jack Darrell Sherman, Meskill, and Silver
1940 US Davilla v. Harms S.D.N.Y. If I were a Spider... Desert Song Joseph Davila Sigmund Romberg
1941 US Allen v. Walt Disney S.D.N.Y. Old Eli Someday My Prince Will Come Wadsworth Doster Frank Churchill
1941 US Marks v. Stasny S.D.N.Y. Allà en el Rancho Grande Allà en el Rancho Grande Silvano D. Ramos Anonymous
1942 US Carew v. R.K.O. Radio Pictures S.D. Cal. Chatterbox Chatterbox Evelyn Carew Jerome Brainan
1942 US McMahon v. Harms S.D.N.Y. In Sunny Kansas Love Sends A Little Gift of Roses Joseph McMahon John Openshaw
1943 US Arnstein v. Broadcast Music 2d Cir. Whisper to Me It All Comes Back to Me Now Ira Arnstein Hy Zaret et al.
1943 US Arnstein v. Twentieth Century Fox S.D.N.Y. Kalamazoo I've Got a Gal in Kalamazoo  Ira Arnstein Harry Warren
1944 US Gingg v. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp, et al. S.D. Cal. There'll Never Be Another You There Will Never Be Another You Allamae Britton Gingg Mack Gordon and Harry Warren
1945 US Brodsky v. Universal Pictures Company 2d Cir. Prelude in A Major Bad Lands of Dakota Samuel Brodsky Hans Salter
1945 US Jewel Music v. Leo Feist S.D.N.Y. Carnival in Cotton Town Drummer Boy Louis Ricca Roger Edens
1946 US Arnstein v. Porter 2d Cir. Modern Messiah Don't Fence Me In Ira Arnstein Cole Porter
1946 US Heim v. Universal Pictures 2d Cir. Ma Este Meg Boldog Vagyok Perhaps Hajdu Imre (Heim) Aldo Franchetti
1948 US Baron v. Leo Feist S.D.N.Y. L'Annee Passee Rum and Coca-Cola Lionel Belasco and Massie Patterson Jeri Sullivan and Paul Baron
1948 US Kahn v. Leo Feist 2d Cir. Victory Calypsoes Rum and Coca-Cola Mohammed H. Kahn Leo Feist
1950 US Shapiro, Bernstein v. Miracle Record N.D. Ill. Yancey Special Long Gone Meade Lewis Alphonso Tompkins and Lewis Simpkins
1951 US Jones v. Supreme Music S.D.N.Y. Just an Old Fashioned Mother and Dad Near You Thelma Jones Francis Craig
1952 US Northern Music v. King Record Distribution S.D.N.Y. Tonight He Sailed Again I Love You, Yes I Do Guy B. Wood and Sol Marcus Henry B. Glover
1953 US Overman v. Loesser 9th Cir. Wonderful You On a Slow Boat to China Robert Overman Frank Loesser
1954 US Mills Music v. Cromwell Music S.D.N.Y. Tzena, Tzena Tzena, Tzena Issachar Miron & Julius Grossman Issachar Miron & Julius Grossman
1956 US Robertson v. Batten S.D. Cal. The Happy Whistler Ad for San Francisco Brewing Company Donald Irwin Robertson Song Ads, Inc.
1956 US Smith v. Muehlebach Brewing W.D. Mo. Proposed Advertising Jingle for Muehlebach Beer Time for Muehlebach Leonard Smith Muehlebach Brewing
1956 US Wihtol v. Wells 7th Cir. My God and I My God and I I.B. Sergei (Wihtol) Kenneth H. Wells
1958 US Cholvin v. B & F Music 7th Cir. When the Sun Bids the Sky Goodnight While We Dream Homer Cholvin and Norman Stade Kaczmarek
1959 US Dorchester Music v. National Broadcasting Company S.D. Cal. Rendezvous I Dreamed Fred Spielman Charles Green
1960 US Walters v. Shari Music Publishing S.D.N.Y. Iron Bar Jamaica Farewell Lionel Walters Erving Burgie
1963 UK Francis Day & Hunter v. Bron Ch. App. In a Little Spanish Town Why Mabel Wayne Peter de Angelis
1964 US Irving Berlin et al. v. E.C. Publications 2d Cir. A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody Louella Schwartz Describes Her Malady Irving Berlin Frank Jacobs and Larry Siegel
1964 US Nom Music, Inc. V. Kaslin S.D.N.Y. A Thousand Miles Away Daddy's Home James Sheppard and William Miller James Sheppard and William Miller
1965 US Nordstrom v. R.C.A. D.Colo. Mizpah or Shalom Shalom Frank Nordstrom Jerry Herman
1969 US Leo Feist v. Apollo Records S.D.N.Y. Toot, Toot, Tootsie Toot, Toot, Tootsie Gus Kahn et al. Gene Sayet & Sidney Feldman
1973 US Strachborneo v. Arc Music S.D.N.Y. MOJO Workout Got My Mojo Working Ruth Stratchborneo McKinley Morganfield
1975 UK Mood Music v. De Wolfe Ch. D. Sogno Nostalgico Girl in the Dark Armando Sciascia Jack Trombey
1976 US Bright Tunes Music v. Harrisongs Music S.D.N.Y. He's So Fine My Sweet Lord Ronald Mack George Harrison
1976 US Granite Music v. United Artists 9th Cir. Tiny Bubbles Hiding the Wine Leon Pober Ernest Gold
1976 US MCA Music v. Earl Wilson S.D.N.Y. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy The Cunnilingus Champion of Co. C Don Raye and Hughie Prince Earl Wilson and Billy Cunningham
1978 US Ferguson v. National Broadcasting Company 5th Cir. Jeannie Michele Theme from "A Time to Love" Wilma Ferguson John Williams
1978 US Herald Square Music v. Living Music S.D.N.Y. Day by Day Theme for N.B.C.'s "Today Show" Stephen Schwartz Ray Ellis
1978 US Plymouth Music Co. v. Magnus Organ Corp. S.D.N.Y. Holiday Polka Holiday Polka Anonymous Anonymous
1980 US Elsmere Music v. N.B.C. 2d Cir. "I Love New York" (advertising jingle) National Broadcasting Company Steve Karman National Broadcasting Company
1980 US Testa v. Janssen W.D. Pa. Kept on Singing Keep on Singing Philip J. Lipari Danny Janssen and Bobby Hart
1982 CA Gondos v. Hardy Ontario Supreme Court Variations The Homecoming, Moment of Love Ivan Gondos Hagood Hardy, Rudy and Jerry Toth
1984 US Selle v. Gibb 7th Cir. Let It End Barry Gibb et al. Ronald Selle Barry Gibb et al.
1985 US Cream Records, Inc. v. Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co. 9th Cir. The Theme From Shaft TV Ad for Schlitz Beer Isaac Hayes Benton and Bowles
1985 UK Lawson v. Dundas   Channel 4 Jingle Channel 4 Jingle David Lawson David Dundas
1986 US Anheuser Busch v. Elsmere Music S.D.N.Y. Budweiser Beer Commercial (1970s) Budweiser Beer Commercial (1985) Steve Karmen Gavin Spencer
1986 US Benson v. Coca-Cola 11th Cir. Don't Cha Know I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke John Benson Coca-Cola Company
1986 US Fisher v. Dees 9th Cir. When Sunny Gets Blue When Sonny Sniffs Glue Marvin Fisher and Jack Segal Rick Dees
1987 US Baxter v. MCA 9th Cir. Joy Theme from 'E.T.' Leslie Baxter John Williams
1987 US Siskind v. Newton-John S. D. N.Y. Take a Chance on Love Take a Chance Laura Siskind Olivia Newton-John
1987 CA Verge v. Imperial Oil Ltd.   It's a Brand New World Hockey Night Theme Cyril Verge Steven Benderoth
1987 UK Warner Bros. v. Dundas Ch. D. Martha Advertisement for Kenco Coffee Tom Waits David Dundas
1987 UK Williamson v. Pearson Partnership Ch. D. "There is Nothing Like a Dame" Advertisement for Rapid Coach Service Rogers & Hammerstein Denis King
1988 US Gaste v. Morris Kaiserman 2d Cir. Pour Toi Feelings Louis Gaste Morris Kaiserman
1989 AU CBS Records Australia v. Guy Cross Fed. Ct. Aus. Ring My Bell (CBS Version) Ring My Bell (Trackdown Version)

Collette Roberts

Guy Cross
1990 US Dawson v. Hinshaw Music 4th Cir. Ezekiel Saw De Wheel Ezekiel Saw De Wheel William Dawson (Arr.) Gilbert Martin (Arr.)
1990 US Levine v. McDonald's Corp. S.D.N.Y. Life is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me Menu Song Paul DiFranco and Norman Dolph McDonalds Corp.
1991 CA Grignon v. Roussel Federal Court of Canada Chanson Numero 7 Tous Les Juke-box Rene Grignon Jean-Alain Roussel
1991 US Grand Upright v. Warner S.D.N.Y. Alone Again (Naturally) Alone Again Raymond "Gilbert" O'Sullivan Biz Markie
1991 US Intersong-USA v. CBS S.D.N.Y. Es Hey Enrique Chia Mario Balducci, Julio Iglesias
1991 US McDonald v. Multimedia Entertainment S.D.N.Y. Proposed Theme Music for "Sally Jesse Raphael Show" Theme Music for "Sally Jesse Raphael Show" Gerard McDonald Dan Radlauer
1992 US Chiate v. Morris 9th Cir. Hello It's Me / I Just Called to Say I Just Called to Say I Love You Lloyd Chiate Stevland Morris
1992 US Moore v. Columbia Pictures 8th Cir. She Can't Stand It On Our Own (from "Ghostbusters II") Derrick D. Moore Antonio Reid and Kenny Edmonds
1993 UK EMI Music v. Papathanasiou Ch. D. City of Violets Theme from "Chariots of Fire" Stavros Logarides Evangelos Papathanasiou
1993 US Jarvis v. A & M Records D.N.J. The Music's Got Me Get Dumb! (Free Your Body) Boyd Jarvis Robert Clivilles and David Cole
1993 US Tempo Music v. Famous Music S.D.N.Y. Satin Doll Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Johnny Mercer
1993 US Sylvestre v. Oswald S.D.N.Y. Heaven Heaven Michael Sylvestre and Dougals Richwine Jani Lane
1994 CA Drynan v. Rostad Ontario Court of Justice Filion Family Welcome Here We Are On the Road Again James Drynan Wayne Rostad
1994 US Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Supreme Court Oh, Pretty Woman Oh, Pretty Woman Williams Dees and Roy Orbison Luther Campbell
1994 US Fantasy v. Fogerty Supreme Court Run Through the Jungle The Old Man Down the Road John Fogerty John Fogerty
1994 US Tin Pan Apple v. Miller Brewing S.D.N.Y. Stick 'em TV ad for Miller Lite Morales and Robertson [Fat Boys] Miller Brewing Co.
1995 US Crystal Cartier v. Michael Jackson 10th Cir. Dangerous Dangerous Crystal Cartier Michael Jackson
1995 US La Cienega Music Co. v. ZZ Top 9th Cir. Boogie Chillen La Grange John Hooker and Bernard Besman William Gibbons, et al.
1995 US Woods v. Bourne 2d Cir. When the Red, Red, Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along Harry Woods
1996 US Palmieri v. Estefan 2d Cir. Paginas De Mujer Oye Mi Canto Eddie Palmieri Gloria Estefan
1996 US Santrayll v. Burrell S.D.N.Y. Uh Oh Pepsi Ad featuring "Hammer" Rene Santrayll & Michael Walker Stanley Kirk Burrell
1996 US Smith v. Michael Jackson 9th Cir. Don't Let the Sunshine / Happy Go Lucky Girl The Girl is Mine Robert Smith and Reynard Jones Michael Jackson
1997 US Damiano v. Sony D.N.J. Miscellaneous lyrics and instrumental arrangement Dignity James Damiano Bob Dylan
1997 US McRae v. Smith D.Colo. Every Minute, Every Hour, Every Day Every Second Maree McRae Wayne Perry and Gerald Smith
1997 US Repp v. Webber 2d Cir. Till You Phantom Song Ray Repp Andrew Lloyd-Webber
1997 US Tuff 'N' Rumble v. Profile Records S.D.N.Y. Impeach the President Back from Hell Robert Plant et al. Joseph Simmonds et al.
1999 US BTE v. Bonnecaze E.D. La. Coyote Kevin Griffin, et al.
1999 US Ellis v. Diffie 6th Cir. Lay Me Out By the Jukebox When I Die Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox (If I Die) Everett Ellis Joe Diffie
1999 US Selletti v. Carey 2d Cir. Hero Hero Christopher Selletti Mariah Carey
1999 US Suzane McKinley v. Collin Raye N.D.Tex. I Think About You I Think About You Suzane McKinley Steve Seskin & Collin Raye
1999 US ZZ Top v. Chrysler Corp. W.D. Wa. La Grange Promotional video for Plymouth Prowler Billy Gibbons, et al. Chrysler Corporation
2000 US Armstrong v. Virgin Records S.D.N.Y. Planetary Citizen Unfinished Sympathy John McLaughlin, et al. Robert Del Naja, et al
2000 US Three Boys Music v. Michael Bolton 9th Cir. Love is a Wonderful Thing Love is a Wonderful Thing Isley Brothers Michael Bolton and Andrew Goldmark
2000 US Tisi v. Patrick S.D.N.Y. Sell Your Soul Take A Picture Michael Tisi Richard Patrick
2001 US Oliviera v. Frito-Lay 2nd Cir. Girl from Ipenama Frito-Lay TV ad Astrud Gilberto Frito-Lay Corp.
2001 US Marlon Williams v. Calvin Broadus S.D.N.Y. The Symphony Ghetto Symphony Marlon Williams Calvin Broadus
2001 US Toliver v. Sony Music D. Alaska Independent Lady Independent Women Paula Toliver Destiny's Child
2002 UK Creagh v. Hit and Run Music Ch. Div. Where are You Now Where are You Marianne Creagh Simon Stirling, et al.
2002 US Jean et al. v. Bug Music S.D.N.Y. Hand Clapping Song My Love is Your Love Leo Nocentelli, et al. Nel Wyclef Jean and Jerry Duplessis
2002 UK Malmstedt v. EMI Records Ch. D. Jenny and I Sleeping in my Car Stephan Malmstedt Per Gessle
2003 US Cottrill v. Spears E.D. Pa. What You See is What You Get What U See is What U Get, Can't Make You Love Me Michael Cottrill and Lawrence Wnukowski Jorgen Elufsson, David Kreuger, Per Magnusson, Rami Yacoub
2003 US Newton v. Diamond 9th Cir. Choir Pass the Mic James W. Newton Adam Yauch, et al.
2003 US Ory v. Country Joe McDonald C.D. Cal. Muskrat Ramble I Feel Like I'm Fixin' to  Die Rag Edward "Kid" Ory Joe McDonald
2003 US Jorgensen v. Epic/Sony Records 2nd Cir. Long Lost Lover My Heart Will Go On, Amazed John L. Jorgensen James Horner, Will Jennings, Chris Lindsey, Aimee Mayo and Marv Green
2004 PRC Apollo v. Coca Cola Beijing District Court When the Sun Rises Sunrise Apollo Inc. Coca-Cola (China) Inc.
2004 US Swirsky v. Carey 9th Cir. One of Those Love Songs Thank God I Found You Seth Swirsky and Warryn Campbell Mariah Carey
2004 US Ulloa v. Universal S.D.N.Y. Brief countermelody to defendant's song Izzo (H.O.V.A.) Demme Ulloa Shawn Carter
2005 US BMS Entertainment v. Bridges S.D.N.Y. Straight Like That Stand Up Ramid Brown, et al. Christopher Bridges
2005 US Bridgeport Music v. Dimension Films, et al. 6th Cir. Get Off Your Ass and Jam 100 Miles and Runnin' George Clinton Eric Wright, et al.
2005 UK Coffey v. Warner/Chappell Music Ch. D. Forever After Nothing Really Mattters Elizabeth Coffey Patrick Leonard & Madonna Ciccone
2005 US Griffin v. J-Records E.D. Wash. Heart of Gold Dance With My Father Tia Griffin Richard Marx, Luther Vandross
2005 US Johnson v. Gordon 1st Cir. You’re the One (For Me) You’re the One Calvin R. Johnson Allen Gordon Jr., et al.
2005 US Positive Black Talk v. Cash Money Records 5th Cir. Back That Ass Up Back That Azz Up Jerome Temple ("Jubilee") Terius Gray ("Juvenile")
2005 US Vargas v. Pfizer S.D.N.Y. Bust Dat Groove Without Ride Advertisement for Celebrex Ralph Vargas and Bland-Ricky Roberts Brian Transeau, et al.
2005 PRC Yong Wang v. Zhengben Zhu Beijing Court of Appeals, First District Send My Comrade to Beijing Farewell to the Red Army Yong Wang Zhengben Zhu
2006 US Boone v. Jackson 2d Cir. Holla Back Young 'N Carl Boone ("Trajik") John Jackson ("Fabolous")
2007 US Armour v. Knowles 5th Cir. Got a Little Bit of Love for You Baby Boy Jennifer Armour Beyoncé Knowles
2007 US Bridgeport Music v. Combs 6th Cir. Singing in the Morning Ready to Die Robert Jones, et al. Christopher Wallace
2007 US Lil' Joe Wein Music, Inc. v. Jackson 11th Cir. It's Your Birthday In Da Club Luther Campbell Curtis James Jackson aka "50 Cent"
2007 TWN People v. Hu Taiwan Pingtong Appellate Court Lianshang Love Song Bye Bye My Lover! Lo Hu
2007 US Vargas v. Transeau S.D.N.Y. Aparthenonia Bust Dat Groove Without Ride Ralph Vargas and Bland-Ricky Roberts Brian Transeau
2007 US Velez v. Sony Discos S.D.N.Y. Hasta Hoy Tengo Ganas Victor Velez Victor Manuelle
2008 US Glover v. Austin 2d Cir. Make Up Your Mind Unpretty Corey Glover Tionne Watkins, et al.
2009 US Allen v. Destiny's Child N.D. Ill. Cater 2 U Cater 2 U Rickey Allen Destiny's Child
2009 US Brainard v. Vassar M.D.Tenn. Good Ol' Days to Come Good Ole Days Dustin Evans Phil Vassar
2009 US Steele v. Bongiovi, et al. D. Mass. Man I Really Love This Team I Love This Town Samuel Steele Jon Bongiovi
2009 US Bridgeport Music, Inc. v. UMG Recordings, Inc 6th Cir. Atomic Dog D.O.G. In Me George Clinton Robert Kelly, et al. ("Public Announcement")
2009 US Jones v. Blige 6th Cir. Party Ain't Crunk Family Affair Leonard Jones and James E. White Mary J. Blige
2010 US Currin v. Pharrell Williams, et al. D. Conn. I'm Frontin' Frontin David & Peter Currin Pharrell Williams
2010 AU Larrikin Music Publishing Ltd. v. EMI Songs Australia Ltd. Fed. Ct. Aus. Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree Down Under Marion Sinclair Colin Hay ("Men At Work")
2010 US Prunte v. Universal Music Group Inc., et al. D.C. Fire in Da Hole, Plus Others Fire in the Hole, Plus Others Robert R. Prunte Black Rob, et al.
2012 TWN People v. Xinru Wang Taiwan Shilin District Court What Is Wrong with Love Sleeping Beauty Meiru Huang Xinru Wang
2011 US Pyatt v. Raymond S.D.N.Y. Caught Up Caught Up Wadena Pyatt Usher Raymond
2011 US Saregama India v. Timothy Mosley, et al. 11th Cir. Baghon Mein Behar Hai Put You on the Game


Timothy Mosley, aka "Timbaland"
2012 US Lyles v. Capital - EMI Music, Inc., et al. S.D. Ohio Without You Without You Bruce Lyles David Guetta
2012 US Peters v. West 7th Cir. Stronger Stronger Vince Peters Kanye West
2012 US Poindexter v. EMI Record Group S.D. N.Y. Think Line Between Love and Hate Washed Away Robert Poindexter, et al. EMI Record Group
2012 PRC Rui Hua Wang v. Qi Gang Chen Sup. Ct. Beijing You and Me You and Me Rui Hua Wang Qi Gang Chen
2012 US VMG Salsoul v Madonna Ciccone, et al. C. D. Cal. Chicago Bus Stop Vogue Vincent Montana, Richard Pettibone Madonna Ciccone, Richard Pettibone
2013 US Hobbs v. John 7th Cir. Natasha Nikita Guy Hobbs Elton John


US Loomis v. Cornish C.D. Cal. Bright Red Chords Domino Will Loomis Jessica Cornish
2014 US Francescatti v. Germanotta ["Lady Gaga"] N.D. Ill. Juda Judas Rebecca Francescatti Stefani Germanotta
2014 US Pringle v. Adams ["Black Eyed Peas"] 9th Cir. Take a Drive I Gotta Feeling Brian Pringle William Adams, et al.
2014 US TufAmerica, Inc. v. Warner Bros Music Corp., et al S.D. N.Y. Hook & Sling, Pt. I Run This Town Eddie Bo & The Soul Finders Shawn Carter ("Jay-Z") et al.
2014 US Mayimba Music v. Sony S.D.N.Y. Loca con su Tiguere Loca con su Tiguere Ramon Arias Vasquez Eduard Edwin Bello Pou
2015 US Lane v. Knowles-Carter S.D. N.Y. X.O.X.O. X.O. Ahmad Javon Lane Beyonce Knowles-Carter
2015 US New Old Music v. Gottwald, et al. S.D. N.Y. Zimba ku Price Tag Lenny Lee Goldsmith Jessica Cornish, et al.
2015 US Devin Copeland v. Justin Bieber, et al. 4th Cir. Someone to Love Someone to Love Devin Copeland Justin Bieber, et al.
2015 US TufAmerica v. Diamond, et al. S.D. N.Y. Say What; Drop the Bomb Shadrach; Car Thief; Hold It Trouble Funk [band] Diamond, Horovitz, et al. [Beastie Boys]
2016 US Fahmy v. Jay Z et al. D.C. C. D. Cal. Khosara, Khosara Big Pimpin' Baligh Hamdi Jay Z et al.
2016 DE Kraftwerk v Setlur Federal Constitutional Court (Germany) Metall auf Metall Nur mir Kraftwerk Sabrina Setlur
2016 US Bowen v. Paisley M.D. Tenn. Remind Me Remind Me Amy Bowen Brad Paisley, et al
2016 US McDonald v. West, et al. 2nd Cir. Made in America Made in America Joel McDonald Kanye West, et al.
2016 US We Shall Overcome Foundation v. Richmond Foundation & Ludlow Music S.D. N.Y We Shall Overcome NA African-American Spiritual NA
2017 US Estate of James Oscar Smith v. Cash Money Records S.D.N.Y. Jimmy Smith Rap Pound Cake Jimmy Smith Aubrey Drake Graham aka "Drake"
2017 US Marcus Gray, et al. v. Katy Perry C. D. Cal. Joyful Noise Dark Horse Marcus Gray, et al. Katy Perry
2017 US Parker, et al. v. Winwood, et al. M.D. Tenn. Ain't That a Lot of Loving Gimmee Some Lovin Willia Dean Parker & Homer Banks Mervyn Winwood, et al.
2017 US Roberts v. Gordy 11th Cir. Hustlin Party Rock Anthem Wiliam Roberts, Andrew Harr, Jermaine Jackson Stefan & Skyler Gordy ("LMFAO")
2017 US Mitchell v. Priority Records W.D. Ky. Star in the Ghetto If It Ain't Ruff Leroy Mitchell Andre Young( "Dr. Dre")
2017 NZ Eight Mile Style v. New Zealand National Party H.C. N.Z. Lose Yourself Eminem Esque Marshall Mathers, et al. Michael Cohen
2018 US Abiodun Oyewole v. Rita Ora, et al. S.D. N.Y. When the Revolution Comes How We do Party; Party and Bullshit; Calm Down Abiodun Oyewole Rita Ora; Christopher Wallace; Marshall Mathers & Trevor Smith
2018 US Wilson v. Dynatone Pub., et al. 2d Cir. Sho' Nuff Suit & Tie John Wilson, Charles Still, Terrance Stubbs Justin Timberlake
2018 US Cortes-Ramos v. Enrique Martin-Morales ("Ricky Martin") 1st Cir. World Cup Song Contest Entry Vida Luis Cortes-Ramos Ricky Martin
2018 US Fahmy v. Jay Z, et al. 9th Cir. Khosara, Khosara Big Pimpin' Baligh Hamdi Jay Z, et al.
2018 US Pharrell Williams, et al. v. Frankie Gaye, et al. 9th Cir. Got to Give it Up Blurred Lines Marvin Gaye Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams