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Anthony Barre aka "Messy Mya"

"Booking the Hoes from New Wildings"

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Comment by Charles Cronin

This claim of copyright infringement is based on the defendant's use of several brief (and likely unprotectable) phrases used by the plaintiff in postings of mostly incomprehensible and profane verbal ramblings by a self-proclaimed "YouTube personality" Anthony Barre, who used the sobriquet "Messy Mya". Sadly, Barre is best known for having been murdered in New Orleans, and the notoriety of this crime led to Beyonce Carter's using the expressions found in some of Barre's YouTube postings: "Bitch I'm back", "Oh baby I like that", and "What happened at the New Orleans?" in her song that invokes the aftermath in New Orleans of Hurricane Katrina.

But the Complaint is cagey about whether the plaintiff asserts that Beyonce's recording contains samples of Barre's recordings, or simply includes Barre's unoriginal verbal expressions rendered in a voice similar to his: "Defendants have never denied the many media reports that Barre's voice and words were sampled by Defendants..."; "There should be no doubt that Barre's unique, gravelly voice, cadence and words were sampled by Defendants." But in case there is doubt, the Complaint also lodges a far-fetched Lanham Act claim that Beyonce's use of the phrases and similar sounds constitutes unfair trade practices and false endorsement. Does Beyonce really need the "endorsement" of a YouTube afficianado, virtually unknown until his tragic end?



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