We believe that this online archive will be useful to copyright academics, attorneys practicing in this area, and to musicians seeking insight into an entertaining, yet at times esoteric, topic. It will offer new means of accessing and analyzing information that pertains to an area of law that now begs inquiry into the issue of how changes in the creation, content, dissemination and consumption of popular music in America in the 20th and 21st Centuries should inform music copyright infringement judges and litigants today. 

Cases contains over 100 judicial opinions on music copyright infringement from the US and Common Law nations, with commentary, related scores, audio and video.

InPlay will cover recent and current disputes in the U.S. and some cases from Common Law countries, including those that do not go to trial.

Glossary is a modestly proportioned, and collaboratively assembled, glossary of musical terms that are commonly used in discussions of music copyright infringement disputes.

New Music Technologies discusses and demonstrates the potential use of emerging music technologies – virtual score software and music search engines, in particular – for resolving disputes involving music copyright infringement claims.

Newsworthy will track ongoing, use of -- and references to -- the USC Gould School of Law Music Copyright Infringement Resource by copyright practitioners, academics, librarians, and journalists.

Public Forum will offer an ongoing series of features – book reviews, short articles, etc. – covering new work on topics relating to copyright infringement. It will also provide a bulletin board on which readers are encouraged to post comments and questions in this area. This component of the project is still being developed. ​